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More than a million vacationers visit Aruba each year, seeking culturally diverse arts & entertainment experiences. The island offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and freelancers to provide innovative solutions within the creative sector. From concert events and recording studios to professional services, Aruba is a hub for creatives that boast expertise in artistry. Whether you’re experienced in set design, app development, film making, fashion, or you know how to run an art studio, One Happy Island allows you to flourish in style.


  • 4,000 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • 97% of all active businesses are SMEs
  • #6 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in the Caribbean [U.S. News & World Report Travel, 2021]
  • Estimated 640 thousand cruise visitor arrivals 2022 (77% pre-COVID-19 pandemic level of 2019) [U.S. News & World Report Travel, 2021]
  • San Nicolas was named the Street Art Capital of the Caribbean [Forbes, 2019]

Creativity is a Theme in Aruba’s Story

Spanning film, audiovisual and fashion, Aruba is a sandbox for innovative creatives.


The Street Art Capital of the Caribbean
Once Forbes named San Nicolas the Street Art Capital of the Caribbean, initiatives to stimulate growth in the city’s downtown and surrounding areas kicked into overdrive. As Aruba’s second-largest city after Oranjestad, San Nicolas is currently the epicenter for art, including an outdoor gallery of , Community Museums, and ArtisA.
San Nicolas is turning into Aruba’s cultural center and will attract more investment in the Creative Industries. Furthermore, new investments in entertainment, such as , restaurants, and tours, will propel new business activities in the San Nicolas area.


Authentic Aruba Music to Annual Music Festivals
As the capital city of Aruba, Oranjestad hosts several annual music festivals, including the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, the Aruba Summer Festival, and the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. These events headline celebrated international and local artists — bringing thousands of guests and economic activity to the city.

Traditional Aruba music is also performed during festivals and holidays, including Dera Gai, Dia di Betico, Flag & Anthem Day, and the weekly Bon Bini Festival.
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