Aruba is committed to driving growth in six Promising Sectors, including Agriculture, Circular Economy, Creative Industries, Knowledge Economy, Logistics, and Niche Tourism. These industries have been recognized by the Government of Aruba as practical investment objectives for the diversification of the island’s economy. Businesses within these major sectors are stewards of Aruba’s National Strategic Plan, stimulating balanced and sustainable economic growth in the coming decades.

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Aruba is becoming home to a vast pool of scientifically and technologically based insights that are key to innovation, competitiveness, and internationalization of the island’s economy.
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With local demand for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods on the increase, agricultural businesses and entrepreneurs in Aruba are innovating with sustainable food production.
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Distributors and logistics companies are part of a major industry in Aruba because of the island’s prime positioning for trade within the Caribbean and Latin America.
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As part of Aruba’s National Strategic Plan and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this sector is helping to minimize waste through the development of new circular business models.
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Aruba’s art & culture scene is seeing an unprecedented revival, especially in the city of San Nicolas. The island’s robust presence of artists, musicians and performers demands the support of innovative small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers.
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As an island known for sending tourists home rejuvenated, it should come as no surprise that Aruba is well-positioned for medical tourism. This niche of tourism focuses on preventative and rehabilitative care as well as curative treatments for addiction, obesity, cancer and mental health.
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