Ashlin Ahlip, the owner and founder of Tangerine, grew up in a family of seamstresses and upholsterers, but his first foray into sewing was not until he was 26. His grandmother taught him the family trade and bequeathed a sewing machine to him. At Wooden Boat School in Maine, Ashley took a course in canvas sewing and immediately fell in love with the art of traditional canvas work.

Today, Tangerine is a one-man operation, turning out handcrafted, sturdy canvas bags and accessories, the Dopp Kit (toiletry bag), and their signature ‘We the Beach People’ Tote Bags.

Tangerine items are available at Bula Surf Shop and the Korteweg pop-up arts and crafts market.


“With each handmade bag, I strive to create a piece of quality craftsmanship and timeless style. All my bags are deeply influenced by traditional nautical styling and the colors of Aruba.”

Ashlin Ahlip, Owner of Tangerine