Prosperity for the city of San Nicolas

May 23, 2023

Studies have shown that cities connected to the sea experience economic and touristic benefits. However, this is not the case for the center of San Nicolas in its current state. By coupling San Nicolas with the Caribbean Sea, investors can look forward to capitalizing on new business opportunities while simultaneously inducing a positive shift in the socio-economic standard for the area.

With the input from various stakeholders, the architect engr. Raffy Kock created a design for the center of San Nicolas. The focus was ensuring that San Nicolas retains its authenticity and unique character, rooted in various Caribbean influences introduced by migrants over a century ago. The design includes recreational areas for families so that young and old can engage in outdoor activities or find a place to meet up and relax. These elements are part of Phase 1 of the Revitalization Plan for San Nicolas, recently presented to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Wever.

Coming up with a new economic model for the center of San Nicolas is no easy feat. However, Minister Wever has made it a top priority to see this through and to generate substantial investments in the area. In collaboration with stakeholders and experts, Minister Wever is exploring a new economic model built on the foundation of this beautification process. The resulting economic model must represent sustainable development and deliver socio-economic benefits for San Nicolas and Aruba. As such, local and foreign investors are encouraged to capitalize on the emerging opportunities this beautification project brings them.

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