Ostad 200 Incubator: A Launchpad for Aruba’s Entrepreneurs

May 31, 2024

The Ostad 200 Incubator project is set to be a cornerstone of Aruba’s 200th anniversary celebration of its capital, Oranjestad. Designed to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit on the island, this innovative initiative is open for participation at www.ostad200.com, where major prizes await the winners of the pitch competition.

Aimed at driving two key groups of entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups, the Ostad 200 Incubator provides vital support and resources. The project focuses on stimulating entrepreneurship in Aruba, with a particular emphasis on the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the backbone of the island’s economy.

The Ostad 200 Incubator is a collaborative effort made possible by the dedication and vision of Impact Hub Aruba, led by Mary-Ann Falconi and Alberto Perret Gentil. In partnership with the Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the University of Aruba, SETAR, and WEB Aruba NV, the project embodies a community-driven approach to economic growth.

Minister Geoffrey Wever of the Ministry of Economic Affairs highlighted the importance of private sector initiatives in driving economic improvements and expressed gratitude for the collective effort in making the Ostad 200 Incubator a reality.

The incubator aims to inspire local entrepreneurs and elevate Aruba’s business community to new heights. With support from various stakeholders, the project promises to unlock innovative business ideas and provide a significant boost to the island’s economy.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to participate in the Ostad 200 Incubator and take advantage of this unique opportunity to turn their business visions into reality. The excitement surrounding the project is palpable, and all eyes are on the innovative pitches that will shape the future of Aruba’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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