In Aruba, rules and regulations apply to obtaining a particular business location. There are specific spaces reserved for commercial and industrial activities, determined by the Spatial Development Plan (ROPV). You have to go through an application process to qualify for a commercial lot and obtain an option on a piece of land. You can apply online via the Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP).

The following documents are necessary to start this application process.
1. Personal number applicant
2. Personal number company (you need proof from the Tax Department of Aruba, request it here);
3. Copy of valid ID (passport general/ID/driving license from the Kingdom of the Netherlands only) of the applicant;
4. A notarial authorization (if applicable);
5. Copy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s register (if applicable, not older than three months). Make sure that the purpose of the leasehold corresponds to the company.
6. Proof of payment of Afl. 306.00
7. Brief description of the project (maximum one page)

Within 30 days of the application, you must also submit a description (two pages) with:
• A description of the project;
• The type of project (wood processing company, supermarket, condominium, hotel, etc.);
• The size of the area required (in square meters);
• Location preference (two alternatives);
• Estimated investment (in Aruban Florin);
• Method of financing (statement of willingness from a local bank); and
• Any sketch drawings.

Take note of the following:
• If one of the abovementioned attachments is missing, DIP will not process your request.
• The amount of Afl. 306.00 must be paid to the account number of the Directorate of Infrastructure and Planning, Aruba Bank Account #: 525741. You should include the following in the description: company name and personal number.
• You must apply for a commercial ground lease in the company name (legal entity).
• You need a copy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s register (if applicable, not older than three months). The purpose of the leasehold must be the same as that of the company.
• Make sure you have a solid and detailed business plan and budget before starting your request.
• You should consult the zoning plan for your particular business location. Make sure your choice of location is in line with the zoning plan (currently only available in Dutch). The zoning plan lays out the specific rules for a piece of land or area.
• Be aware of Aruban environmental regulations. If your business operations impact the environment, you must sometimes also apply for a nuisance license. Some laws & policies focus on the protection of nature and the environment in Aruba. The DIP, DOW and/or the Police enforce the law and regulations, permits, and agreements regarding nature and the environment.

To learn more about this application process, you should contact the Directorate of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP).
Sabana Blanco 68, Oranjestad
+297 527 7100 (currently only in Dutch)
[email protected]