Breathing New Life into the San Nicolas District and its Surroundings

September 11, 2023

The Government of Aruba is currently working on tangible and realistic solutions for San Nicolas, specifically in the areas of social, economic, and financial well-being for the people of San Nicolas. Their aim is to reverse the downward spiraling economic trends and to set the community back on the path of growth and prosperity.

“We are envisioning visitors visiting San Nicolas, spaces that enhance our daily lives—parks, walking trails, and family-friendly venues and an enhanced farmers market and food court, where community members can meet, relax, and enjoy. We are committed to doing more than just talking; they’re committed to doing, to executing, and to delivering. We are determined to evaluate the viability of each proposed project and see it through. I recognize that investors, both local and foreign, are skeptical, and rightfully so. But skepticism can be mitigated by action and results. This isn’t just a second chance at a new beginning; it’s our best chance. We are here to shape the future, to restore confidence, and to prove that “Change and Revitalization” are not just words but achievable goals.” – Evelyna Wever-Croes, Prime Minister of Aruba

Exciting Projects in the Pipeline

The Promise of San Nicolas isn’t in its Past, but in its Future!

The Government of Aruba is therefore committed to investing time, resources, and collective thought into making San Nicolas a place of opportunity and prosperity once again. Aruba wants to welcome investors who want to be part of this transformative journey. Contact ARINA today to explore the endless possibilities and be a part of San Nicolas’ new beginning. Together, we can build a brighter future for this remarkable district!


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