Invest In Aruba

Chris Knight

Managing Director of fDi Intelligence

Chris Knight is the Managing Director of fDi Intelligence, which is part of the Financial Times Ltd. Previous to this, Chris was the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of Wavteq, which was a boutique FDI consultancy.

Chris has been working in the field of foreign direct investment and advising governments for over 16 years. Chris is an expert on how to market and promote locations globally. Chris has a track record in the benchmarking of locations, as well as analyzing and interpreting FDI trends worldwide.

Chris has worked with hundreds of EDO’s worldwide in all aspects of foreign direct investment including: lead generation, event organization and management, best practice in investment promotion and location benchmarking propositions.

Chris has a keen interest in working with IPA’s from developing economies and assisting them in building themselves up to attract more FDI.

Chris has recently been re-elected to the IEDC Board of Directors.