Invest In Aruba

Bryan Lenzinger, MSc

Investor Relations Advisor at the Aruba Investment Agency (ARINA)

Bryan, born in Sint Maarten with Dutch-Swiss heritage, is a dynamic young professional whose academic background includes a foundation in Medical Biology. He furthered his education by obtaining a master’s degree in business administration, specializing in international management, from Radboud University in the Netherlands.

In 2019, Bryan relocated to Aruba with his Aruban partner, assuming the role of Administrative and Logistics Coordinator for a prominent wine wholesaler. Demonstrating his versatility and commitment to professional growth, he transitioned to the Aruba Investment Agency (ARINA) within the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce, and Industry in 2022.

At ARINA, Bryan serves as an Investor Relations Advisor and Policy Officer. In his capacity as an Investor Relations Advisor, he plays a crucial role in functions, such as information dissemination, market intelligence, investor engagement, facilitation, and support services. Simultaneously, as a Policy Officer, he actively contributes to fostering a conducive investment climate by advocating for investor needs. Notably, Bryan took the lead in formulating ARINA’s new investment strategy.