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Anko Koopmans, MSc

Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Transport, Integrity, Nature and Elderly Affairs

Anko Koopman, a native of Aruba, completed his master’s degree in chemical engineering in The Netherlands in 1996. Upon returning to Aruba that same year, he launched his career in the refinery industry.

Following the closure of the refinery in 2012, Anko founded his consultancy firm, NEEDS@WORK Consultancy, and undertook a variety of roles across private companies and public entities. These roles ranged from Engineer to Director, with notable engagements at ASTEC N.V., Staatsolie N.V., the Department of Technical Affairs, Serlimar SG, and most recently Arugas N.V.

Throughout his professional journey, Anko has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in waste management, water management, hazardous materials, and related fields. In this current phase of his life, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and contributing to these areas as needed.

Anko’s passion for supporting Aruba’s sustainability goals and responsible waste management systems is evident in his involvement with the Ministry of Transport, Integrity, Nature, and Elderly Affairs. He is driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference on the island of Aruba.