‘Agri-Loan’ at a reduced interest rate at Qredits Aruba

February 15, 2023

The Government of Aruba signed an MoU with Qredits Aruba to stimulate the agriculture sector in Aruba. This agreement entails a three-million-florin fund where local companies in this sector can get an ‘Agri-Loan’ at a reduced interest rate. Through this loan, Qredits gives you financial resources to start or grow your agricultural business by:
• providing individual tailor-made advice;
• coming to your home or company to assess your application; and
• taking a positive approach, looking to the future rather than the past.

What is an Agri-Loan?
An Agri-Loan is a commercial loan of a maximum of Afl. 200.000 for starting and existing entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.

When are you eligible for an Agri-Loan?
• You are a starting entrepreneur with a detailed business plan or;
• You are an existing entrepreneur with less than Afl. 100,000 in bank loans;
• Your company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Aruba as a sole proprietorship, general partnership, foundation, limited partnership, or private limited company before we can deposit the amount into your account;
• Your business activities take place in Aruba;
• You are 18 years or older;
• And, of course, you are an entrepreneur in heart and soul!

Features of the Agri-Loan
• A maximum amount of Afl. 200,000.
• The loan term is 60 months with 6 months of interest-only payments.
• An annual interest rate of 2%* during the entire loan term.

Click here to learn more or to apply click here.

*This special rate is made possible by an interest subsidy from the government of Aruba.



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