Thinking of establishing a business in Aruba? There are several government regulations to follow. This checklist serves as a quick guide on how to get started, though keep in mind that additional steps may be necessary depending on your specific circumstances and business location.

Select a Legal Business Structure

Select the legal structure that best suits your business. Options include Public Limited Liability Company (NV), Limited Liability Company (VBA), or General Partnership. Each comes with its own liability and tax obligations.

Register Your Business

All legal entities, except General Partnerships, must be registered through a civil law notary. The notary will handle the registration process at the Chamber of Commerce on your behalf. Click here to find information about all civil law notaries in Aruba.

Consult the Spatial Development Plan (ROP)

If you have a specific location in mind for your business, ensure it aligns with the Spatial Development Plan (ROP). The ROP outlines land use rules, specifying where certain businesses can establish and what structures are allowed. The Department of Infrastructure & Planning (DIP) handles lot allocation.

Apply for a Business License

Certain legal entities require a business license. You can apply digitally through the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce, and Industry of Aruba (DEACI). Check the relevant information on their website for the application process. Keep in mind that you already need to have secured a business location to qualify.

Register with the Tax Department

Once you register your business with the Chamber of Commerce and, if applicable, obtain the business license, register with the Tax Department (DIMP) to receive your tax registration number. You can reach out to [email protected] for this purpose.

Obtain Necessary Licenses and Permits

Depending on your business type, you may need additional licenses and permits from different departments. Examples of businesses requiring these include food & beverage establishments, hotels & guest houses, transportation services, telecommunication companies, and more. Some licenses and permits will have expiration dates, requiring timely renewal.

Adhere to Aruban Environmental Regulations

If your business operations impact the environment, you may need to apply for a nuisance license. Aruba has laws to protect nature and the environment, enforced by the Inspection Department of the Department of Nature and Environment (DNM).

Open a Business Account

You should start the process of opening a business account when you are prepared to engage in financial transactions for your business operations. Click here to find information about all commercial banks in Aruba.


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