Significant Milestone Reached in Aruba’s Gateway 2030 Project

June 27, 2024

On June 21, Queen Beatrix International Airport celebrated the completion of Phase 1A of the Gateway 2030 project. This milestone marks the opening of a new US Departures hall, which will be fully operational by the beginning of 2025. This new facility, part of the ambitious Gateway 2030 project, is designed to significantly enhance the airport’s capacity and service quality, providing a modern and spacious environment for passengers.

Infrastructure and Functionality Improvements

The Gateway 2030 project aims to improve the overall infrastructure and functionality of Queen Beatrix International Airport. The newly completed US Departures hall is a testament to these efforts, featuring modern amenities and an artistic touch by local artist Armando Goedgedrag. Once fully operational, this hall will streamline passenger flow and improve border control efficiency.

Prime Minister’s Speech

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes gave a speech at this significant event. “The new US Departures hall is a testament to our government’s efforts and a significant milestone for Aruba’s airport, which faced reduced operations and uncertainty during the pandemic,” said the Prime Minister. She expressed confidence that the Gateway 2030 project would continue to progress, with full completion expected by 2025. Despite the challenges, 2022 marked a year of recovery, and 2023 is projected to build on this momentum. The Prime Minister thanked the citizens of Aruba for their continuous support and emphasized the government’s commitment to development. She also acknowledged the vision and determination of colleagues like Minister Dangui Oduber and the AAA team, highlighting this project as a proud accomplishment of the current government, showcasing Aruba’s resilience and forward-thinking approach.

Strategic Investments and Future Prospects

Aruba’s strategic investments in airport infrastructure, exemplified by the Gateway 2030 project, highlight the island’s dedication to creating a favorable environment for tourism and business travel. As the project continues to advance, it promises to bolster Aruba’s position as a premier destination in the Caribbean, attracting more visitors and providing them with a world-class travel experience.

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