Introducing AGRIFUND: Revolutionizing Aruba’s Agricultural Sector

March 11, 2024

In a collaborative effort led by Minister Geoffrey Wever, alongside Minister Ursell Arends and Qredits Aruba, the AGRIFUND is an agricultural initiative aimed at bolstering Aruba’s economic resilience and contributing to food security by providing low interest business loans for agripreneurs.

During the inauguration ceremony, six agricultural traders received a collective guarantee of AFL 735,000 Florins at an unprecedented low-interest rate of 2%. With an impressive sum of AFL 3 million dedicated to financing the commercial agricultural sector, AGRIFUND is set to ignite a new era of growth and prosperity.

“This initiative marks a pivotal moment for Aruba’s agricultural landscape,” remarked Minister Geoffrey Wever. “AGRIFUND represents our unwavering commitment to supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs while strengthening our food security efforts.”

Under the leadership of Minister Wever and Minister Arends, AGRIFUND addresses longstanding challenges faced by the agricultural community, including access to affordable financing and limited resources. By providing AFL 3 million in financing for commercial activities, AGRIFUND empowers farmers to maximize their potential and contribute to Aruba’s economic development.

“Our mission is clear: to eliminate barriers and facilitate the expansion of Aruba’s commercial agricultural industry,” affirmed Minister Wever. “AGRIFUND is a testament to our shared vision of a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector.”

Minister Wever and Minister Arends extend their gratitude to Mr. Elwin Groeneveld and Mrs. Nathaly Harms of Qredits Aruba for their invaluable partnership and unwavering support.

For more information on AGRIFUND and investment opportunities in Aruba’s agricultural sector, please contact us.

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