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Zairo Ruiz, MSc

Vice President Corporate Finance at AIB Bank N.V. 

Zairo brings over a decade of strategic financial expertise to his role as Vice President of Corporate Finance at AIB Bank N.V. Since assuming this position in 2018, he has been instrumental in steering the bank’s corporate lending activities and optimizing financial outcomes in alignment with strategic plans and budgets. Zairo’s leadership extends to managing future investment strategies aimed at realizing long-term financial objectives.


Having been with AIB Bank since April 2014, Zairo has demonstrated versatility and proficiency across various roles and responsibilities within the organization, showcasing his commitment to driving growth and excellence.

Zairo holds a master’s degree in information management from Tilburg University, where he graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies in February 2005. His academic background complements his practical experience, providing him with a robust foundation for navigating the complex intersections of finance and technology in today’s dynamic market environment.

Zairo’s distinguished career trajectory and comprehensive expertise make him an asset to the finance industry.