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Raffy Kock, MSc

Director at O4IA, The Open Office for Infrastructure and Architecture

Raffy Kock is an Aruban-born Dutch registered Architect and Urban planner. After completing his master’s degree in architecture and urbanism at the TU Delft, Raffy built up his early professional career in Barcelona and Madrid, where he worked on projects varying from urban space to commercial interior spaces for global brands.

His passion for Urban planning and the connection between Urbanism and Architecture led him to give lectures on the subject of ‘Communicative Space’ in Aruba during his visits. Eventually, this led him to move back to Aruba where Raffy worked on such transformational projects as the Aruba linear park, the creation of a masterplan for Oranjestad including the implementation of a tram line in Oranjestad, the national rollout plan for phasing traditional road lighting to LED-based technology and the upgrade and renovation of five iconic neighborhoods in Aruba.

Currently, Raffy works at his Aruba-based architecture firm where he works on furthering the development of urban centers and neighborhoods through qualitative urban spaces. Raffy has used his expertise in connecting architecture and urbanism into holistic design to help commercial entrepreneurs by creating their micro masterplan of their entire properties, giving them insight into their properties’ full potential.

Raffy has since realized projects in Aruba, Curaçao, and Bonaire and looks forward to helping Aruba’s resilience within the upcoming second tourism boom in San Nicolas and the transformation of the Oranjestad capital into a rounded well foreseen urban center, building forth upon its rich architectural patrimony.