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Juan E. Thijsen, LL.M.

Plenipotentiary Minister of Aruba in the Netherlands

Juan ‘Ady’ Thijsen, born in Aruba, is a married father of four with two grandchildren, currently residing in the Netherlands. After completing his education, including obtaining a Master of Laws degree in 1997 from the University of Tilburg, he became a specialized lawyer in labor and constitutional law.

Starting his career in the hospitality industry, Ady transitioned to law, working with various firms before establishing his own practice. He also served as legal counsel for the FTA, Aruba’s largest Labor Union. Active in politics, he was a member of the Aruban Parliament for over 8 years for the political party MEP and was elected Chairman of the Aruban Parliament from 2017-2021. During his tenure, he chaired significant parliamentary committees and represented Aruba in Eurolat, contributing to discussions on constitutional institutions within the Dutch Kingdom.

Outside his professional life, Ady has been involved in social initiatives, serving as President of the Dera Gai Foundation and the RCA soccer team for 8 years. In the Netherlands, he was president of Nos Baranca, an organization for Arubans in Tilburg, and co-founded and led CUNA, supporting Arubans living in the Netherlands.