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Jacco Vonhof

Chairman at MKB-Nederland

Jacco Vonhof, born on October 3, 1969, in Zwolle, is a seasoned entrepreneur and the chairman of MKB-Nederland since September 3, 2018. With over 25 years of experience, he transformed a small window cleaning business into a successful cleaning company operating in northern and central Netherlands. Vonhof is known for his drive, societal engagement, and ability to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

Apart from leading MKB-Nederland, Vonhof actively serves in various board positions within and outside the business community. He’s recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year in Zwolle region (2004) and received the Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau (2012) for his contributions.

Professionally, Vonhof is the director-owner of Novon Cleaning Companies and a shareholder of Djopzz personnel services in Zwolle. Personally, he’s a proud father of twins and an avid supporter of PEC Zwolle.

In addition to his role at MKB-Nederland, Vonhof holds several important positions including membership in the SER and the Board of Directors of the Labor Foundation, showcasing his commitment to societal and economic development.